Baztorin Silver III

Half Elven Male, NPC


Lean and tall (6’4"), Baz has silver/white hair, shoulder length and more often than not tied back into a pony tail while he is conducting business during the day. His most distinctive feature, would be his red eyes. The result, of a bad potion effect, from the days of adventuring from his youthful (but secretive) past.


Married to Morianna, Baz has two daughters and one son by her.

Now that he is older and established as one of the younger (VERY younger) noble houses of Waterdeep, Baz spends most of his time at the palace, leaving the family business to be run by Morianna and his eldest son, Rollis.

Baz has tried repeatedly to get his daughters interested in the family business of gems and jewelry, but has little luck in enticing them.

Rumor has it, and not even his family is sure, of the adventures Baz had during his youth with the company called, “The Silent Swordsmen”. All that is for sure known, is that he and his fellow blades and spell slingers, head Tymoras luck while exploring in the Unicorn Kingdom.

The scorpion tattoo, was acquired from a lost bet, also from his adventuring days.

Baztorin Silver III

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